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Gorgeous Off Loom Bracelet Tutorials by BeautifulBeaded713

Vanessa Nelson is the Canadian beadwork jewelry designer behind BeautifulBeaded713. Her single peyote bracelet tutorials are striking in color and patterns!

I was first drawn to her wonderful peacock designs but her forte is in geometric designs.  One of these tutorials in a geometric render of a peacock feather is for an eyeglass case. This is one of her bestsellers!  This makes for a beautiful gift.

Vanessa offers her tutorials as odd or even count peyote, so take your pick.  Don't miss her peyote pen wrap and lovely purse patterns!

Peyote Pen Wrap

Before You Go:

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  1. gorgeous designs! i will be purchasing from this shop.... once i make up my mind which to get! :)
    thanks for sharing the link.

    1. They are gorgeous and I can see why you are struggling to choose!!

  2. They are pretty, but I usually can't use peyote bracelet patterns because they are so much longer than my wrist (which is only 5.25 inches around) and cutting off the last few rows on each doesn't always look nice (though it would probably work in some cases, with smaller repeating patterns).

    I mean, I understand why bracelet patterns are longer in that my wrist size is an anomaly and the patterns are sized to fit a population average. But still. (I did find one designer who always used 10/0 delicas and I could make the patterns work by sizing down to 11/0.)

    1. I had that thought, and I do have some 15/0 delicas although not nearly as many colors as 11/0. I would probably have to do some test pieces to see how much the size changes. But it is worth thinking about for sure.

      Fire Mountain has 15/0 delicas now and I get the Platinum Partner pricing but they are still kind of spendy even then.

    2. Most of my patterns are 6 inches in length which is a small wrist size. I recommend leaving space off either end and my patterns allow that.

  3. I love the designs. I have to admit that i was a little put off by the eyeglass and purse patterns - both of which I was interested in. You have to go to another vendor to buy the directions for assembly of both. And when I go the second site for the directions, I find that that's all you are buying and that if you like one of those patterns, you have to go to any number of other sites to purchase the pattern displayed. It seems you should be able to purchase both the pattern and the assembly directions as a single item. If they are going to promote each other's business, perhaps they should have some sort of agreement that allows them to accommodate the customer.

    1. I’m sorry but that is not my fault. This is just how Diana Rehfield does her purse and eyeglass case tutorials and many other designers have done it this way. I simply sell the pattern as that is what was asked of me. I was just asked to create the purse/eyeglass case patterns for her to sell as a collaboration. I’m sorry you don’t agree but I did what was asked of me to do. I do not and have never made one myself, they are HER instructions, completely created by her. I simply created the pattern.

    2. I know it is difficult, Wayne, but designers (and bloggers) have to abide with the conditions of collaborations.


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