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Diamond Painting, Anyone? A New Way to Paint by Numbers!

Just what you need - another hobby! Reader, Chardell emailed me to ask if I had heard about diamond painting.  I hadn't and that intrigued me enough to find out more about it. Thanks Chardell for inspiring this post.

No diamonds are actually used but this updated version of painting by numbers involves attaching gazillion little resin rhinestones onto an adhesive coated canvas. These "diamonds" or drills are faceted which gives the work considerable sparkle.

This Diamond Art Club video shows you how complex the designs can be. Each "diamond" is applied with a wax tipped tool following the numbers on each little pixel on the canvas. The numbers are referenced to "diamond" colors on the side of the canvas.

It is very much like cross stitch - and indeed, people do use cross stitch patterns for diamond painting too. Just like coloring and a lot of repetitive crafts, the soothing nature of the activity is what appeals. Plus you get a magnificent picture to frame at the end.

See this tutorial for the basic steps including how to prepare before framing.

These 10 tips from Australian crafter, Studio Sam, are useful. Using ordinary blue tack works longer than using wax.  Diamond painters use light pads like this one to illuminate the work from below so the tiny numbers are more visible.

You can get diamond painting kits and supplies from many places. Check out Etsy's market place.

I just love this beautiful Airdea peony flowers kit on Amazon.

Just what you needed. Another hobby!

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  1. I Googled this awhile back because Amazon kept recommending me diamond painting supplies (people who bought item "X" also bought...) and finally I said, OK, what the heck is diamond painting?

    I probably won't start doing it because I already have several rooms filled with craft supplies and no dedicated cat-free space, and I have half a dozen unfinished cross stitch projects in addition to all my beads, but I think your quick summary here is a good introduction so thanks for posting!

    1. Probably a wise thing as one will have to stock up on a whole ton of those rhinestones!!

  2. Small canvases might be really fun to do. I'll check it out

  3. I was exhibiting at a huge art fair and there was a artist there that did paint in crushed diamonds - plus bitumen - crushed rocks of course - a huge variety of items that I would never associate with painting. The pieces were huge - think a giant two story wall and this fitting somewhere in the middle - and sold for a measly $9000.00.

    This looks far more affordable and something anyone could do!

    1. I agree! As Divya says small canvases are also the way to go.

  4. I have been amazed looking at the diamond painting of these famous artists. It interests me even more now. The diamond paintings are actually a great way to concentration and relieving stress. I am surely be doing this as my next craft hobby.


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