The gingko biloba is sometimes known as the maidenhair tree. That is because the leaves are reminiscent of those from the maidenhair fern.

This distinctive fan shape of its leaves has been the inspiration of many beautiful jewelry designs including beadwork ones.

Want to try making your own?  Check out this video tutorial from gnc craft.  The leaf is constructed from stem up using 11/0 seed beads.

Alas, the video is in Turkish with no English subtitles. I recommend, unless you understand the language, to watch it without sound on. That way, you will not be distracted as you watch her bead.

You can see she works by adding two beads at a time, starting from stem up using brick stitch. She also displays couple of charts.  I translated the words through Google Translate.

Sira = must
ve = and
├žift = double
tek = single

The words made no sense to me. But watching carefully, and checking with her charts, the single lines without the "Vs" are the  thread loops which she only goes through once.

Alternatively, try this gingko leaf beadwork tutorial by Petit bout de chou - who crafts and blogs in Hong Kong.  The leaf is constructed going sideways, in both directions, from the vertical.

Also available as a paid tutorial is this gorgeous design from VitalijaVeliveine.  I featured this design and designer before here.

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