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Real Leaf Imprinted Polymer Clay Jewelry Dish Tutorial

Polymer clay bowls or dishes make great receptacles for jewelry. You could put your often worn jewelry safely in the bowls before you wash your hands or overnight.  These also make great gifts! 

I've covered some jewelry dish tutorials before (see links below) but this one by Samantha Burroughs of Jessama  Design is quite lovely as it makes use of real leaf imprints! There are still lots of plants with leaves even in northern gardens for this project.

She advises you choose leaves with deep veins and preferably interesting edges so they can make good imprints in the clay.

I love how she textures the backgrounds and makes them distinctly different from the leaves.

Super tutorial!

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  1. Super tutorial indeed.

    It's very similar but different then if you use leaves with ceramics. The kiln will burn them away leaving an impression whereas with polymer clay the oven doesn't get hot enough.


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