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Wire Wrapped Dream Catcher Pendant Tutorial with Beautiful Inspirational Variations

I have come across a number of wire dream catcher designs and tutorials.  This one by GoArtYourself  - the designer is Nicole of NicoleHannaJewelry - is pleasing in its simplicity . The addition of a round bead really dresses up the bail area.

She uses 12 G wire to form the frame. The thicker the wire, the better the design will look. However, 12 G wire is tough to work with. Nicole makes it look way too easy.  She doesn't even use a mandrel to help her form the circle. If 12 G is too tough for you, try 16 G.

The variations she shares at the end shows us how one can build on a basic design element.

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  1. Some of those are pretty cool (probably beyond my skill level). What gets me is that a lot of jewelry wire companies sell 12 gauge or even 10 gauge and they sell wire cutters not rated to cut wire that thick. (I bought some industrial ones meant for electricians and those seem to do the trick.)

    1. I can only guess that they assume you know to use the flush cutters they sell for thinner wire and to buy industrial grade wire cutters for thicker wire. It is probably not worth the while of jewelry supply companies to stock the industrial ones since most people work with 18- 28 G wire.


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