Anna of Nicosia, Cyprus, is both a beaded jewelry designer as well as a talented in leather work.  I suspect she is also skilled in other crafts because she said, "I love working with beads, gemstones, fur, leather, wire, cabochons but I'm also open to anything new. If I see something interesting I'd like to try - 99,9% I'm gonna give it a try. So, I always learn something new and improve existing skills."

It was her lovely nature inspired beaded jewelry tutorials in her store Gemplusleather which first caught my eye. Many are flowers - sunflower, rose, orchid, calla lily, peony - and there are a couple of butterflies like this one.

As you can see from her full beaded necklace tutorials, the individual beaded flowers can be put together in all sorts of ways for unique designs.

Some designers have a signature piece. For Anna, that has got to be her incredible bead embroidered Firebird necklace which I shared at the end of this post!  What a masterpiece!

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