British designer, Teresa  Morse is an accomplished beader with many tutorials in Iceni Bead Design.  But just how accomplished can be see with her amazing beaded vessels!  I am in awe of beaders who can really build a beaded structure!

Her shop name should give you a clue about where she hails from!  Teresa lives in Norwich in eastern England's Norfolk county. The Iceni was the ancient Celtic tribe who lived in the same locale, a couple of thousand years ago. They were known for their incredible gold torcs - see this past post.

I spotted her Celtic beaded boxes in a search which then led me to her store. She has a variety of styles from oriental inspired boxes to vases, tea light cover and a basket.  The boxes will make beautiful jewelry storage vessels.

Teresa also came up with tutorials for a terrific beaded lantern and Christmas ornament. These can be found in her Christmas Bead Patterns section.

BTW, I happen to know that Teresa celebrated her birthday yesterday! Many happy beading returns of the day !

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