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Watch This Resin Artist Make Different Pendants! | Tips and Tricks

Resin is one of my favorite techniques because you can embed many things in it. Using frames - metal or wooden, is a great way to get the see-through effect.

Watch this talented Russian crafter, Masharisha, make several pendants each with different inclusions.  She called it a summer theme because she asked her Instagram followers what reminded them of the season.

She shared a number of tips.  One which I liked is using resin itself as the glue to attach the frames onto plastic page protector sheets before pouring in the resin. She said she did not like using tape because it wasn't efficient in sealing.  Mind you, it will take some extra cure time.

Reader Cally Ross also asked what that pencil like tool is. The answer - a silicone pen which is typically used for nail art. This particular item has 5 with different silicone tips and the dotting tools on the other side of the pen - the latter is useful for polymer clay.  Nail art supplies also include tiny little flowers , stickers, holographic paper etc! !

My favorite was the sandy beach pendant - I have been meaning to try that idea myself with my wood frame pendants. Notice how she mixes the sand with some resin separately before adding it to the resin?This is to avoid air bubbles.  Whenever possible, you can pre-dip materials to be embedded in extra resin for the same reason.

The English captions are not perfect because she said (in another video) that they are auto-generated.  Even so, the translating technology is getting better and better with time.

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  1. I'm sitting here with my mouth hanging open! and, so many questions.... what is that doo-dad she used to spread the resin to glue the frames to the sheet protector? where do you get such tiny little treasures as those flowers and the gears? again, she used that doo-dad to pick up and position the tiny treasures. I could get totally lost in creating little vignettes, the possibilities are endless!
    resin is intimidating to me because of the urgency to not let it set up while arranging pieces, i see how she plans ahead, good lesson to my fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants style. ;)

    1. Yes, this particular designer is most inspiring. Thanks for the nudge, Cally! I have answered your tool and supply question and updated the post so others will see it.

      I too temporarily compose my resin inclusions before hand. It also helps to have several projects ready to go to make sure one uses up all the resin.

    2. aha! nail-art has some cool toys! thanks, Pearl!


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