Are you keen on precious metal jewelry like fine silver? Metal clay is a wonderful technique for producing unique and detailed work without having to go through any major metal work. You also do not need a lot of expensive tools.

Watch this tutorial by Lisel Crowley for Cool Tools as she handcrafts a shadow box pendant using fine silver metal clay and fills it with colored resin!  What a great idea!

As you can see, metal clay involves very much the same methods as those used by polymer clay artists such as texturing, creating clay snakes and cutting out shapes.

Once the pendant is complete, the metal clay is then dried naturally. The drying can be hastened in a dehydrating oven. This dried stage is called greenware.  The piece can be sanded to smooth out irregularities.

After that, the pieces can be fired in a kiln or if it is small enough, with a hand held torch. This firing removes the binder and leaves only pure metal behind which is then polished.

Intrigued?  I suggest you enroll in a metal class as I did, if  you are interested in learning how to make metal clay jewelry.

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