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Open Frame Beaded Jewelry Tutorials by Jewelry Tales

I have featured Cynthia Newcomer Daniel's work years ago when she was writing lovely very short stories to go with her jewelry designs. But Jewelry Tales still lives on with her wonderful beaded jewelry tutorials.

I chose my favorites among  her open frame designs to feature. This airy approach gives the designs a lightness as well as opportunities to add different beads inside the spaces.

California based Cynthia is multi-disciplinary as she also offers some wire work tutorials. She is also accomplished in other crafts. I loved what she said, "From making lace to silversmithing, I work with a large variety of materials and like to cross over from one medium to the next.

I believe that the most interesting things happen on the edges, where one craft touches and becomes another."

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  1. That is gorgeous bead work! I’m not a bearer but I sure admire the work. It’s beautiful! Thank you for all the lovely pieces of different mediums that you share on your blog. My love is polymer clay.
    Love & Prayers
    Donna Lee Little

    1. Thanks for your kind words especially the praise for another artist. I will endeavor to find more polymer clay inspirations for you in the future.

  2. I'm a beady-eyed girl, this work is beautiful! i like the openness of her designs, not heavy-looking.


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