I have always suspected readers of my blog are highly creative souls. Now I know for sure.  Lin Taylor just emailed and shared what she did with my laser cut wood snowflakes.  I wrote about them in this past post.  Lin said, "As soon as I saw them this idea popped in my mind and I just knew I had to try it."

What she created were plique-à-jour *** inspired ornaments! I love how her Christmas tree lights backlight her translucent ornaments. I agree with Lin - they do look like frozen snowflakes!

Lin explained, "I primed them with white acrylic, then painted them with white sparkle paint. After they cured for a couple of days, I coated them in clear UTE (Ultra Thick Embossing Powder). I applied the UTE in thin layers using a heat gun set on low. The effect is a bit like plique-à-jour. It was a bit messy, so I used a soldering iron to perfect them, making it easy to remove the irregular “bumps".

She added, "I bought other shapes, but with the holidays and all the busy-ness they bring, I ran out of time to work with them. I’m looking forward to having time to play with them and use alcohol inks to add color."

Thank you Lin for allowing me to share your work! "Work" is hardly the right word to use as you clearly had fun with your project.

I merely supply the foundation,  share some basic ideas and samples and hope they spark ideas. It is so rewarding to know that sparks do fly and catch alight!

*** Plique-à-jour (French for "letting in daylight") is a difficult, ancient vitreous enamel technique for creating translucent glass like miniature stained glass. One of the best known designers who mastered this artform was René Lalique during the Art Nouveau period.

"The technique is similar to that of cloisonné, but using a temporary backing that after firing is dissolved by acid or rubbed away. A different technique relies solely on surface tension, for smaller areas."

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