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Fusion Jewelry Designs by DesignsBloom Rock Steampunk, Gothic and Art Nouveau Styles!

Iowan metal smith, Rene a.k.a. brydldy is an amazing designer of fusion jewelry.  Her creative blend in DesignsBloom rock steampunk, Gothic and Art Nouveau styles!

Some outstanding examples are her evil eye jewelry.  This particular bug pendant necklace belowhas Art Nouveau style filigree wings. The designer hand painted the evil eye and wings.

She also makes beautiful lockets and working compass necklaces and rings all of which have her distinctive fusion touch.

Exploring her store is a bit like exploring an Aladdin's Cave of unique designs!

Men's Money Clip with Soldered Eagle 

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  1. The little bee caught my eye, I love bee stuff!
    gorgeous, unique, well-priced work.

  2. Her dragons and large rings are fabulous!

  3. Stunning designs! It looks like she sometimes uses readily available charms and such to modify them to an unrecognizable state! And, apparently, she is a master of many techniques!


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