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Handmade Gothic Inspired Resin Jewelry and Art Molds by RavnCortinoCreations

Ravn Cortino of RavnCortinoCreations is "a professional SFX-Artist from Norway who's now living and freelancing in London."  He originally came to that busy city back in 2012 to study Technical Arts. (UPDATE : Ravn is away for most of September for surgery - please click on the notify when back button in Etsy to know when he is back.)

Why silicone molds and why resin? Ravn explained, "I’ve taken a huge liking to working with resin, a material that I first got introduced to through my university-course. And I’ve spent years testing and exploring different kinds of resin, their properties and capabilities! It’s ended up being my favorite material to work with due to it’s versatility, and I constantly get new ideas I want to test out!"

The designs are gothic inspired so there are moths, kitties with powers, bird skulls and so on.  Nominative determinism (where one's name fits what you do- like my name, Pearl) is definitely at play as Ravn reminds me of raven.  Indeed, when I looked it up, the name is derived from Old High German/Old Norse, meaning raven.  How appropriate! Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven certainly has Gothic elements.

Ravn starts off with an intricately carved clay sculpture which is then made into a silicone mold. Ravn's amazing Instagram account is where you can see the entire process of many of the designs.  I have shared a couple at the end. Also check out a lovely compilation in this Facebook video.  Well worth a look at this incredible artist's work!

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  1. My goodness. Who knew that resin would become so popular and that you could make such amazing items using it. Every time you do a blog about resin, you tempt me greatly to get out there and start learning more about it. As long as you keep blogging such interesting arts and crafts, I know i won't have to worry about being bored. As always, thanks for such interesting information and fascinating artists.

  2. I was saddened to see that the shop is closed for September so that Ravn can have surgery. Hope that everything goes well for him. I've clicked the note on his site to notify me when he reopens. It would be nice if you could let your readers know when he reopens.


    1. Thanks for letting me know. I had not realized he was going to be away - I write ahead and schedule posts, you see. I have updated the post to let readers know to do what you did to be notified when he reopens.


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