Summer vacation all over for you?  There is no need to get downhearted with the back to work grind. You can grin and bear it and celebrate Labor Day with these three new laser cut wood earrings of mine!  These styles as well as the other FINISHED wood jewelry in my store are 10% off from today until September 12. (Also do check all my other new items....I have been busy. )

First up is my Caffeine Powered Wood Coffee Cup earrings for the Monday blues when you really need that cuppa to stay fueled! Coffee addicts just cannot get going or function in the mornings without a little help.

I also have coffee cup wood blanks if you would rather DIY.  I used diluted acrylic paint - brush on and dab off with a rag to get that stained wood look. See this tutorial post - How to Sand, Stain, Paint and Seal Laser Cut Jewelry Designs for more tips.

Use a fine brush (I recycled an old skin care one!) if you want to color the "steam" differently!

Once the work week progresses, one gets into the stride of things. Along comes Wednesday or hump day! You've done two days of work and there is just two more ahead till the weekend! You are arguably at your most productive!  I laser cut and engraved this pair of camel wood earrings!

Finally TGIF!  Thank Goodness It's Friday earrings to celebrate the end of the work week.

Free shipping to Canada.  Free Shipping over US$35 for US destinations. Flat rate shipping for US (under $35) and international.

Let it not be said I have no sense of humor (see links below).

I used my iPhone 8+ with the Camera+   app. Final project photography was accomplished in natural light.  I used  the Orangemonkie studio which comes equipped with LED lights - for artificial light photography in my windowless basement studio. The Foldio2 is particularly affordable. I use the Foldio3 because I need the room for tutorial photography. 

My online class Easy Guide to Smartphone Jewelry Photography is now available. Read more about it here.  

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