I've seen plenty of chain maille jewelry but the "Armor for the Modern Day Warrior" designs by California based Xaria Knight and Sevyl Poole of PixieShadowCraft are extraordinarily different.

The two designers create feminine dragon scale armor jewelry for women who enjoy cosplay (costume play) and larping (live action role playing game).  Fans of fantasy series like Game of Thrones and the Lord of the Rings will surely also appreciate these bold designs.  

They make not just the bracelets, necklaces, earrings and headpieces but also notably, body harnesses.

The creative and extensive use of chain mail coupled with scale pieces can be seen in the medieval inspired versions of pauldrons which were shoulder plate armor used by knights long ago. 

The hauberk (chain mail shirt) became decidedly more feminine as a cut off tank design. The two designers offer different scale colors for many of their designs. A Mother of Dragons or elfish warrior has to have fashionable options!

Xaria explained how she got started, "I choose to design and weave chain mail armor/jewelry because I initially felt very drawn to it through learning to forge knives from a good friend back in my late teens, and when I first started out it didn't feel like a new craft. Weaving is something familiar and therapeutic for me. I am inspired by things of the 'old world' myths, and legends.

I consider myself to be an artist and metal is one of the many mediums I enjoy crafting with. In the coming months I aim to offer some of my different creations (fabric clothing, paintings, home decor, etc.), but chain and scale mail is the primary art form I sell and I don't foresee stopping anytime soon."

In fact, she is slowly changing PixieShadowCraft into "an art collective in which a few friends and family will also be featured in this shop as a way to support growth of the artist  and crafty folk community in a small manner through my personal experience with this small business venture."

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