Did you know body chain jewelry isn't new? Body chains date back to antiquity (see historical section below). In the past, body chain jewelry wasn't just a statement of wealth. These pieces adorned what were then simple tunics.  They gave some refinement to what were otherwise loose fitting garments.

Body chain jewelry is still popular today.  But we have since figured out how to tailor fitted outfits. So modern designers have creatively come up with new styles to suit our modern dress and indeed even where body chain is used.  Shown here are some wonderful examples.

It is not as straightforward to design body chains as you might think. Draping and determining chain lengths for perfect fit are the technical parts which compliment the actual designing.

Today, the body chains can add focus to simple outfits. They are, in part, extensions of necklaces. Canadian designer Lisa, of Haus of Gioiella has a dramatic design shown above which marries bold stainless steel with feminine pearls!

The gemstone body chain by another Canadian designer, Pallas Pace, shown above, effectively draws attention to the keyhole design of the back of the dress.  Minimalist black dresses will look great teamed with body chains like this one too - both front and back.

Bridal wear is another category where body chains have been used ever so beautifully. I particularly love the chain work when it extends to bare shoulder areas. Efrat of  My Little Bride does the most amazing vintage style bridal shoulder jewelry.  I featured this designer before.  She is the original creator of this gorgeous design which has beautiful rhinestone chains, pearls etc :

Below is Lisa of Haus of Gioiella's  beautiful statement chain leg jewelry with lots of rhinestones. Perfect for weddings and dressy affairs.

Let's not forget hand jewelry especially the popular slave bracelet and ring combo.  The slave name refers to the bracelet being a slave to the ring part or vice versa.   This design using stainless steel chain with Swarvoski crystals by Haus of Gioiella is absolutely lovely.

Many types of jewelry should not be worn at the beach or even go near water. But if there is one kind which can easily survive water, that would be metallic chain.  E and E project has just the body and belly chains for bikinis!

La Opiaa, a UK based designer has an anklet which is a body chain for  the foot! This is an extension of the anklet. A slave anklet and ring combo.  Perfect as sandy beach wear! I can imagine this one being worn for a beach wedding.

Another modern and novel take on body chain is the thigh chain. The design below is also by La Opiaa.    For shorts wearers and outfits with skirt slits!!  The thigh chain is an adaptation/extension of the belly or waist chain.

Historical Body Chains

Hoxne Hoard 5th Century AD 
This beautiful gold and gemstone body chain was created for a girl (or a small woman). It was part of an enormous treasure trove which was buried in Britain some time after the mighty Roman Empire disintegrated. Marauding tribes and chaos reigned everywhere. Europe plunged into the Dark Ages (5th - 10th centuries AD) soon after.

image courtesy of the British Museum
People in great danger of war, murder, rape, famine and other calamities can only take their families - perhaps with just the barest necessities - and seek refuge elsewhere. You have to wonder what happened to the owners of  treasure troves.  They buried their precious belongings for safety and clearly had every intent on recovery when they could get home again.  Were they unable to flee and were killed? Or were they able to find asylum somewhere but just could not return?

Asyut Treasure  3rd- 6th Century AD 
This gold and gemstone body chain is the largest body chain ever from the Byzantine period. It was part of the Asyut treasure trove unearthed in Egypt.

Belly or Waist Chains originated in India 4000 years ago.

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