One of my favorite Youtubers is Californian wood worker, Peter Brown. He says he's "Just a geek with a full set of power tools!"   What I like about his demos is his willingness to experiment with many ideas -  "whatever piques my interest at the time." Always interesting and enjoyable to watch, they are what he calls "one part woodworking and one part crazy."

Having done many videos with wood and resin, he understood the costs involved.  While he usually uses dyes specially designed for resin, he decided to explore some inexpensive household alternatives.

There are 3 videos so far with fans submitting many ideas in the comments section.

With his experience, he knew any dry powder has a high chance of success but anything that has a high water content will likely fail - the resin will not cure. But he did add the latter for fun and to show the failures. There are also a couple of excellent alternatives for glow in the dark effects.

There is an important caveat - he could only test with resin brands he had on hand. So if you are going to explore this on your own, then be prepared to test with your resin as the final outcome might not be what you want.

I personally would try powder eye shadow, food dye, water color palette, sidewalk chalk.

Part 1 Where he tests power eye shadow, food dye, Kool-Aid, Hot Chocolate, French's Mustard

Part 2  turmeric, Cheetos, water color palette, nail polish, crayons, Bacon Bits, highlighter pen ink

Part 3  Kraft Dinner cheese powder, charcoal,  glow sticks, sidewalk chalk, grape juice, ranch dressing

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