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Coiled Wire and Wire Wrapped Jewelry Tutorials by Vorobev

Really intricate wire work designs can be created by wrapping the wire and then coiling it. Russian artisan, Valeriy Vorobev of Vorobev is a master at this labor intensive combination.

Valeriy calls this wire technique combination "spiral wire".  He said, "I use quite often this kind of the spiral. I make jewelry from wire almost every day and I spend a lot of time on the production of spirals." He shares how he makes his spirals faster in one of his tutorials.

He creates both finished designs as well as tutorials.  Shown here are my favorites from his tutorials.  As you can see below, he also uses wire netting.

Valeriy's tutorials are produced as magazine style ebooks,  some of which contain instructions for multiple designs.

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  1. Totally agree with Callyross. It is indeed beautiful craftsmanship. I always envy people who have this kind of patience.

  2. He makes beautiful items and he also has some free tips and tutorials on his YouTube channel :)

  3. How do I access the tutorials? I clicked on the pics but nothing happens!

    1. The pictures aren't actively linked. Please click on his shop name which is in bold red. Enjoy!


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