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Recycle Old Leather Belts into Cuffs!

I once recycled an old leather belt into earrings, necklace and bracelets! Well, there are now more leather belts accumulating in a bag somewhere in my house. So I started to look for some inspiration.

Shown above are some wonderful examples of leather cuffs upcycled from wide leather belts.  The tutorial is by Tiffany of Making the World Cuter  and posted on

My favorites are the lacy cuff and the threaded one.   I recommend the Euro Punch tool for easy punching through thick leather (and metal).  That way if you have a plain belt, you can punch as many holes as you want.

You can also stamp on leather. See my past tutorial on How to Make a Stamped Gilded Bracelet.

No leather belts?  Your local thrift or charity store will have some!

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  1. I totally love your posts for diy jewelry and crafts! Thanks for bringing so much into one place! Do you have any instructions for using fabric lengths, such as the band of buttons down the front of a button up shirt, for creating bracelets and maybe even earrings and other jewelry? I'm going to search now for that. I'm going to try it anyway whether I find any guidance on it or not. Thanks again!

  2. These cuffs are really cool! So many pretty embellishments!


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