Have you ever wanted to enroll into a metal smithing class?  Well, here is a taste of the kind of work you will be doing.  This silver and turquoise inlay ring tutorial is by California based Randy May of GomeowCreations.

His method of making the inlay design is accomplished without using a lathe.

Some of his awesome tips include how to calculate the exact length of silver sheet metal you need for the required ring size. And while you have the calipers out, use the tips to scribe the cutting lines!

Interestingly, he uses a dead soft metal sheet so he doesn't have to anneal it.

I also like how he added the hard solder bits under the thin bands so they do not fly off during soldering. The flux helps the solder move up the joins.

He demonstrated in this tutorial how he made the same style of ring using a mandrel attachment on his lathe. A lathe certainly makes the process easier and faster but is not necessary as he showed in the first tutorial. The inlay in this tutorial was set with UV resin.

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