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Evil Eye and Galaxy Inspired Lampwork Glass Creations by JanelDudleyBeads

Every designer has a unique style and that is clearly evident with Oregon lampwork artist Janel Dudley's work. JanelDudleyBeads showcases her skill with the torch and molten glass.

Some of her outstanding designs are galaxy inspired with the colorful swirls. I love how smaller glass beads embedded in her pendants seem to suggest planetary bodies.

She also specializes in evil eye cabochons as well as unusual combination of eye beads around antique skeleton keys.  Perhaps the all-seeing eye protects the key to one's heart?

Wire work artisans and bead weavers can certainly make use of her beautifully crafted eye cabochons ! (see tutorial links below)

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  1. I've always been fascinated with molten glass, but too clutzy to risk life and limb! Kudos to those amazing glass artists who do this work!

  2. Love CallyRoss's comment. And I totally agree. I love lampwork. I considered learning the art but can't imagine just how much damage I would do trying to create anything as gorgeous as this. I drop one piece of molten glass and my house would go up in flames.

    Beautiful work. I'm not an 'eye' person but they are amazing looking. The key is very unique. Off to browse her website. Thanks for the share Pearl.

  3. Thank you so very much for this special feature!


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