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Gorgeous Hand Tooled Leather Jewelry by Gemsplusleather

Some artisans just blow my mind!  One incredibly talented designer is Anna of Gemsplusleather who hails from Cyprus. I have featured her beadwork before. But what she really excels at is hand tool leather work.

Anna often combines gemstone cabochons with leather. Her color treatments really make her designs pop!

Some of her designs definitely appeal to fantasy and medieval fans.  I especially love her leather bracers (arm guard) which look like wings!

Much of what you see in her store are samples for custom work. As such Anna offers personalization details.

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  1. wow! who knew leather could be tooled so beautifully!
    outstanding work, and craftsmanship!

  2. I love your work and have no idea how you do some of the pieces. You ate truly a very gifted and very talented artist. I worked in a little leather shop in Texas years ago but I wouldn’t have ever thought that such beautiful jewelry could come from using it. I still have all of my tools, just needs some pieces of leather and I have another craft that I can work with. Awesome. You inspire me.


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