Botanical jewelry is all the rage especially real flower jewelry which is usually preserved flowers and leaves encased in resin. But Russian artist Maxim of GalvanoEstetika does something different.  He electroformed real leaves and makes them into pendants and earrings!

Electroforming is when metal - usually copper - is plated over a non-metallic object which has been coated with a conductive paint. This is different from electroplating which is coating a metallic object with another metal.

Maxim preserves leaves and then uses the electroforming method  to cover them with a thin layer of copper.  He explained, "After applying the copper coating, the pendant was electrochemical painted according to the author's technique. Unlike paints, this method of staining is more resistant to fading and ultraviolet radiation. At the end of the pendant is covered with a special hypoallergenic varnish."

The final results are lovely with varying metallic hues.  He also has a collection where he adds a silver plate covering to the electroformed leaves.

Maxim mentions the origin of each leaf he uses. No points for guessing maple leaves - but can you identify the others before checking each listing?

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