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Colorful Wire Wrapped Gemstone Jewelry Designs by bellajewelsII

It's one thing to wire wrap beads or gemstones to metal frames. But it is another thing to come up with original designs, all with cut gemstones and in the most colorful palettes.

Tracey Pettingill of Baltimore is the artisan behind bellajewelsII. She explains she is a "Self taught metal smith with a background in apparel design and textiles, jewelry designing has been my full-time professional career for the last thirty years."

Her background explains her strong sense of pattern and color.  She creates rainbows from many types of gemstones coupled with precious metal wire work. I have not seen such a wide variety of gemstones in a single design. She uses some of the less common types.

My favorites are her earrings.  I love how she sometimes uses ombre colors or graduated sizes for the gemstones she uses.  Her versatility includes making motifs as well as vine-like botanical inspired creations.

Tracey explained her design process , "Rarely do I plan out designs or draw them. Instead I just snip off a piece of wire and go at it! Since I am not a very neat worker, curls and scrolls and other shapes I have formed from metal, as well as piles of gemstones, sit all over my work bench and I am often inspired...finding bits and pieces of a design in this tangle of elements."

What beautiful "tangles" they turned out to be. See more of Tracey's work on her Instagram.

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  1. Tracy's designs are simply delightful. I particularly like how she uses the small gemstones in her designs. They definitely come across as gemstones and her designs are brilliant.

  2. The use of gemstones and pearls really make the designs an aesthetic delight!

  3. lovely! she has a creative mind, not planning ahead is scary-exciting to consider!

  4. Thank you so much, Pearl. I am over the moon. What a lovely piece you did and you make me sound so artistic. Haha!!! Also, you chose most of my favorites. Your kindness and generosity just fills my heart. And p.s.- To those who commented, wow, thank you so much. I've never promoted myself until IG, and even then, very sporadically. I have always relied on my buyers for confirmation of my work. It's really cool to see people I don't even know say such nice things. xxxooo

  5. I have been a fan of this artist's exquisite jewelry pieces for several years now. It is so nice to see her featured here.


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