Renowned Los Angeles fine art glass sculptor, Jack Storms, creates amazing geometric glass designs. The glass art world is dominated by the artists who use heat - torches and kilns.  Jack is one of the few high end glass artists in the world who uses the cold glass technique.

His designs are incredibly complex and take usually 8-18 weeks to complete.  His building blocks for the interior are small blocks or slices of lead crystal which has to be hand cut, ground and polished several times. He then inserts slivers of dichroic glass in between those blocks which are glued together with resin. The process is repeated many times to build up the core. . The interior design is then surrounded by optical glass. The artist, who developed his own cold glass lathe,  then cuts the final shape and polishes it to a mirror finish.

The whole process is extremely labor intensive but the results are a hypnotic play of colors and light.

This interview with Jack Storms also covers how he uses a Fibonacci ratio in his designs to bridge between man made and nature.

In 2014,  he lost the sight in one eye after a piece of glass flew off his lathe. The accident set him back and he had “to relearn sculpting. My studio has to be significantly cleaner and more organized or I could trip and fall. I have hired additional workers to help me. It took a year to pull myself out of it.”

He is truly inspirational. He said, “My biggest opponent is myself. Every art piece that goes through my fingers is the most beautiful one I’ve ever made – and if it isn’t, I work on it until it is.”

The tutorial below by resinACE shows very simplified resin and dichroic window film method for making a chroma cube inspired by Jack Storms' commissioned cube designs for the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

H/T Aims of Big Blue Barn Designs for this find!

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