San Diego based Mandy Holasek of LadyDryad makes unusual wood jewelry.  The word Dryad is a give away because a dryad is a tree nymph or tree spirit in Greek mythology.  Mandy is tree spirited because all of her wood jewelry is sourced from naturally fallen tree branches!  Recycling jewelry at its natural best!

She is also a whiz at pyrography or wood burning with fine heated tools.  Some of her work is also hand painted - no easy task especially with some of her smaller design pieces! She finishes her pieces with resin for that shiny look. 

Mandy says, "Wood burning became an unexpected fascination of mine after trying it for the first time in a college art course. I started Lady Dryad as a small hobby soon after!

At first, I only hoped to make a bit extra each month to help cover gas money (because my part-time job definitely wasn't doing me any favors with hours at the time!). I never imagined that I'd manage to stick to it and turn my art into a full time career, but that's exactly what happened!"

Mandy is a truly inspirational designer as she has stayed true on her path despite difficulties along the way.  She added, I've moved studios countless times, cycled through part-time jobs, dug my heels in, worked harder than I ever have, and invested carefully to help build my business from the ground up.

Many all-nighters prepping for art shows and craft markets were had! And don't even get me started on how crazy my sleep schedule gets around the holidays!

She still loves what she does and her passion for her art shines through her wonderful work. 

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