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Left Handed and Right Handed Beading Tutorials by JRPDesigns

Missouri based beading instructor Jigisha Patel of JRPDesigns  is a passionate beader who can create both left handed (LH) as well as right handed (RH) beading tutorials on her Youtube channel.  

She truly understands how beginners or those attempting more complex designs struggle to work with RH tutorials. Approximately 90% of people are right handed, leaving the southpaws at a disadvantage. Many LH beaders resign themselves to using their non-dominant hand to bead while following a pattern. 

So it is remarkable in a world full of RH beading tutorials that JP, as Jigisha calls herself, has offered so many tutorials and stitch demos for LH beaders.  She can easily do that because she is a rare ambidextrous beader. Only 1% of the population can naturally use either hand and out of that only a fraction do beadwork.

I have chosen just a few of her LH tutorials as examples. Do check out her Youtube channel for more, including RH tutorials. 

You can also follow JP on her Facebook to see what she is up to and to be alerted when her tutorials are ready. 

Here are a couple of my favorites from her Etsy store.  These are some of the RH beadwork tutorials which she made into PDFs based on her video tutorials on her Facebook and Youtube. 

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  1. I think I must be like her. I don't have any problem translating the directions in my head but every now and then I find I have made a mirror image of the item in question, even while following a pattern, or if there is some directionality to a pattern motif, making some of the motifs right-handed and some of them left-handed if I am not paying enough attention. (As long as I am not using "handed" beads like Zoliduos, though, it usually ends up working out OK.)

    1. That is so cool. I teach at local jewelry store (pre-Covid) and I have to ask the lefties to do the best they can for anything handedness as I am strongly right handed. I find it difficult to work the other way around.

  2. So gratedul to JRP as a lefty! and to you for this wonderful blog!

  3. as a fellow Missouri crafter, I'm so proud of Jigisha's talent! (as if i had anything to do with it!) :) keep up the great work!


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