I've been writing this daily blog for over 13 years!  I've always enjoyed experimenting, researching and writing about interesting tidbits for my fellow jewelry makers and crafters. But in the past year, I've taken on more than I have time for.

So after mulling over it for several months, I have decided to alter my blogging schedule to weekdays only.  Mondays through to Fridays.  This is an experimental schedule for now. But if it works to give me more time for my other projects, it will become permanent.

My huge blog archive (over 5,600 posts) is still there for you to explore on the days when I don't post. 

Just use the search box, or click on the technique, reviews, and inspirational categories (right side bar on computers, scroll down for mobile users).  My older hubs like Jewelry Making Tips, Jewelry Business Tips and Wire Making Tips are also available.

Where do I need more time? I have been working hard to grow my Etsy supply shop and hope to develop my nascent finished jewelry one, Craftagems too.  Like you, I enjoy designing but it takes a lot of time whether it is on drawing programs for laser cut designs or making unique jewelry. Some progress has also been made with my eBook on jewelry photography but it is still far from ready.

My volunteer mask making efforts for my local hospital as well as making masks for family and friends who don't sew, also took up time for the last few months.  2021 will hopefully be better for all of us!

And before I forget, Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians!

Before You Go:

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