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5 Gorgeous Beaded and Lace Handmade Masks - Stylish and Functional!

The Covid - 19 virus will be with us for quite a while yet.  Perhaps it may never ever go away entirely.  Without a vaccine, our only tools to protect all of us are simple and doable - washing hands frequently, practice physical distancing and wearing face masks - as well as following public health regulations.

It's important to continue to be vigilant in order to avoid caseload flare-ups. The viral spread has to be contained so that our lives and economies can move forward again. 

Masks are now mandatory on public transit and indoor public spaces like stores across Canada and in other countries. I for one am relieved when it became a by-law in my area.  I noticed local voluntary compliance was only about 50% before. Now it is nearly 100%. Face masks when worn by everyone help protect us all especially when we cannot physically distance. 

This novel virus has an incredible range of effects.  Depending on your genetics, age and individual immune system, an infection could result in no symptoms (asymptomatic) all the way to death. More and more survivors who call themselves Covid "long haulers" , are reporting lingering debilitating health problems.   

I've noticed a few people wear their masks incorrectly. Their noses were exposed because they mistakenly believe they can't breathe properly.  There is no truth to the claim masks lower oxygen levels nor do carbon dioxide levels build up.  Health professionals like doctors and nurses as well as those in industries dealing with hazardous chemicals all wear masks on duty, with no ill effect. 

Just as I never leave the house without a coat when the weather is chilly, I don't leave the house without one of my handmade fabric face masks. I even have a spare one in my handbag.  Other people hang their masks on their car rearview mirror ready for use when they go shopping!

If masks are now de rigueur, why not make it a fashionable accessory?  Function and style. 

 Reader and friend Aims of BigBlueBarnDesigns told me about New Yorker, Dayle whose @artfulcitystyle celebrates fashionable style for women over 40. The more recent posts showcase how she coordinates clothes with jewelry and face masks. 

Fabric masks can be indeed be so much more! I've selected 5 gorgeous inspirational designs from these talented Etsy sellers. They take fabric masks to a whole new level. I think masks are becoming a form of self-expression.  

Some of the masks featured here are tailored for weddings and special occasions when bigger gatherings are allowed. Others are for those who want that wow factor. 

First up is the wedding mask in lovely lace, stretch cotton, cotton and silk mask shown at the top by SartorialLiudmila, an Italian based designer.  She also designs mask-scarf combos or neck gaiters as they are sometimes called.

Cotton, lace, pearls and rhinestones adorn this wedding mask by Tamapa, the Ukrainian designer of FashionRaks.  I love how it looks with a veil!

This stylish dark fabric embroidery face mask is adorned with rhinestones, sequins and beads. The Russian designer is Elizabeth of AtelierBelkas.

This mask sports a beaded fringe! Its creator is Californian designer, Angela Zodiak of ZEF2DEATH.

Now this is casual style!!  The dark denim mask has gold lace applique and hand sewn beads.  This limited design is by Italian designer, Angela of AngelaFacchiniStudio.

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  1. These are all lovely but, putting all those extra holes in the mask wouldn't that ruin whatever protection the fabric is giving you and others? Wouldn't you really need to retain the 6 feet social distancing?

    1. By using multiple layers of fabric - say 3 layers of cotton or 2 layers with some sort of filter (2 layers of blue shop towel has been shown to work very well) - act together like a mesh to block droplets.

      We still need to physically distance, wash hands AND wear those masks, all of which help REDUCE transmission.

      The pore sizes of the vaulted N95 masks used by are larger than the virus itself. It is the mesh like construction and the electrostatic properties of the material which traps the virus.

  2. Pearl, you would not believe how timely this article is for me.
    Just yesterday I sent my daughter (who lives in NYC) a couple of sequin masks after having a conversation with her about the showgirls here in Las Vegas wearing sequins masks. They were greeting people and handing out masks (not sequins) at the airport welcoming visitors to Las Vegas and making sure everyone coming in would have masks to wear around the city. Of course she wanted a sequin mask, and of course I had to send her a couple of them.
    This article really made me smile because of the coincidence. I just love how these things happen, and of course I love your articles! Thank you.
    The masks as an accessory is such a great concept. If we have to cover our faces we may as well do it in style!

    1. I'll bet your daughter was pleased to get her specially designed masks! I have seen someone about town wearing a mask with sequins at the top.

    2. They were just sent out yesterday, so I think it may be a few days before she gets them. I did not tell her I sent them so it will be a surprise. I know she will be thrilled. I can't wait to hear her reaction.
      It really is fun to see people with these creative styles of masks! It makes the inconvenience of wearing them so much more tolerable and as long as we need to take these precautions it may as well be fun and creative.
      The next masks I will get for both of us will be made with silk. I learned about some studies that a combination of layering silk and cotton that these masks filter out a large amount of particles. Other combinations are chiffon or flannel. If you're interested in reading about this the following links may be interesting to you.

      I understand that the silk does not irritate your skin as much as other fabrics. It is also very light weight and does a great job repelling moisture.
      On a review I read that one medical professional uses the silk mask under her N95 and it is a great relief for her skin.
      It seems like a great option for those who need to wear masks for the greater part of the day.
      ...Or for those of us who love the feel of silk.

    3. Excellent tips! Many thanks for sharing them. I have been making mine with 100 % cotton!

  3. I love how Artfulcitystyle has combined her fabulous necklace with that funky orange top and great mask!

    I've been wearing a mask out in public for about five years now. No ill ill effects from it whatsoever. Once I spent 17 hours wearing my mask because of a complicated flight schedule. Needless to say I'm still here. Didn't pass our from lack of oxygen.

    For people who claim carbon dioxide results from wearing a mask: I bet they are grateful that surgeons wear a mask while operating on them to prevent spreading germs.

    Just saying....

  4. Correction re previous comment....I sent the masks the day before yesterday. (Oh those senior moments...they happen much too often!)
    So I'm one day closer to finding out how much she loves them.

  5. lyonefein@yahoo.comJuly 31, 2020 at 12:43 PM

    Thank you to Pearl and everyone for all the information. When this first started, I immediately dug out my silk scarf blanks in order to sew up some quick masks for the hubby and myself. Double thickness. Now that I see this new official info, I am going to go back and whip up a few more.


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