Like a wide cuff that is not to heavy?  This tutorial by DaisyD of Beebeecraft delivers and yet is easy to do.  The simple trick of opening up the space between a doubled length of wire also lets you customize how wide you want the cuff to be.

Although it is not wrong to use aluminum wire as listed in the supplies section, just beware that aluminum can get brittle and possibly break especially if you over-work it.  Use copper wire if you are trying it out.

The instructions are minimal. So here are some more tips.

I suggest 16 G or 18 G wire for the frame and 26 G wire for the wire wrapping.

It helps if you find some sort of mandrel to curve the doubled up wire. I personally like the short metal tubes for car exhausts - my local hardware store, Canadian Tire,  also carries some car supplies.  I bought this 2 1/2 inch - 3 inch combo because the dimensions work for cuffs.  The sturdy stainless steel also allows one to hammer on it while work hardening wire. Always makes my students chuckle when I tell them what my mandrel really is!

Find something round to help you form the decorative parts.  I personally love the large bail forming pliers like this one from Wubbers or multi-stepped ones like this as the grasping action of the pliers makes the task easier.  They are so handy for many other functions like making ear wires and clasps (see tutorials below).

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