I've featured some wonderful leather jewelry artisans before (see links below).  Their carving skills are remarkable. Have you ever wondered how they carve, stamp and mold leather? 

Thanks to the craftsmen at Weaver Leather Supply, Joe Meling and Chuck Dorsett, you need not wonder any more!  I have no association with WLS except as a fan of their series of leather working tutorials. They are short and informative.

I've picked some of the key how-to videos which will give you some idea of what tools and methods leather workers like them use.  You can naturally adapt the methods for smaller bracelets, cuffs or even leather pendants.

Joe Meling's Introduction to Floral Carving shows how leather artisans get crisp lines and "shadings" to the leather.

Chuck Dorsett's  Basic Leather Stamping has important tips - using good quality leather is key to successful projects. I also appreciated the one about working with the top part of the leather wet while the bottom remains dry to get good stampings.

The Hand Dyeing Leather tutorial shows it's not that hard to use oil dyes to dip dye leather pieces.

Just like metalsmiths add patina to their work, you can also Apply an Antique Finish to Leather.

This Wet Molding Leather tutorial is all about how to shape leather.  The leather is wetted and then molded in some way so that it retains the new shape when it dries. 

Wet molding was probably how this artisan got the leather cord in the first picture of this past post Can Men Wear Pearls?

I've also thought of trying to mold leather for inserts into my wood frames rather than adding polymer clay ones like Gloria Uhler did in her tutorial.

Given you tons of ideas?  Or are you groaning - not another technique to get sucked into?

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