Russian designer, Marina Boldyreva of BagsArtDeco, says she has been crocheting with hooks and tatting with shuttles since she was five!  She is an absolute whiz at making beaded crochet coin purses which she now offers as tutorials with and without kits as well as some unique finished items. 

Marina says it is not difficult at all. It is indeed less challenging than bead crochet ropes because you're not working in tight rounds. But you do have to be precise in stitch counts and tension.  Watch her video tutorial which shows the general process including sewing on the bag clasp. 

Where Marina excels is providing the pattern - the order in which the colored beads are pre-strung before doing the bead crochet.  I really love the different shapes she comes up with and the variety of patterns. A lot are floral but not all. 

Marina also has adorable finished coin purses. Love the frogs in particular!

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