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Poetry in Beads' Beautiful Formfitting Beadwork Jewelry Tutorials

Utah based Michelle Synder's shop poetryinbeads is well named. Her beautiful beadwork jewelry tutorials are indeed poetry in beads.  Her designs are so formfitting showing a remarkable understanding and experience with the shapes and dimensions of the beads she uses. 

I've selected my favorites from her extensive bracelet and pendant design projects. 

Her large collection of tutorials is impressive considering she is a stay at home mother of nine!

Michelle confesses, " I love all things sparkly, the sparklier the better, sparkle jewelry, sparkly clothes, sparkly shoes! I especially love making jewelry with Swarovski elements, fun czech glass and seed beads." It shows.

How did she get started on her beading journey?  She explains, "I first started playing around with beads several years ago after my aunt (who is really more like a sister) introduced me to jewelry making. But it was about 5 years ago when I was at a gem faire and I bought my first beadweaving kit that got me totally hooked. The way all those tiny little beads all came together really fascinated me and I have been beadweaving every since!" 

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  1. Stunning!! You're right - she does understand how to fit the different sizes and shapes. My only complaint is that she apparently doesn't sell kits. I've grown tired of going form one online bead store to another trying to find the different beads in colors that blend (they never look exactly like the pictures.)

  2. These creations made me think of beautiful tapestry work. Michelle Snyder is such an incredible artisan with her innate understanding of the shaped beads she uses. I marveled at the exquisite samplings that were presented here so beautifully, and these reactions are truly timeless heirloom pieces. Never before have I seen such beauty. Thank you for sharing such beauty, Pearl.


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