British beadwork designer, Sibel McColm, of BijouxDelights does indeed create delightful tutorials.  I first came across her work when I stumbled upon her lovely beaded celtic triquetra necklace shown above.  I really like her use of Swarovski montees for that extra bling and color without being too ostentatious.

Another wonderful design with montees is this contemporary style one below :

I couldn't help recalling the upbeat old song, Catch a Falling Star,when I spotted her beaded star pendant tutorial below!The clever beading creates the star shape on a round crystal.  You can also substitute with a gemstone if you can find one of the same dimensions.

Her beaded collar offers ample opportunities to color coordinate the necklace to match outfits.

Sibel has a number of noteworthy bracelet tutorials, many of which use cRAW (cubic right angle weave).  So her tutorials are best suited for late beginner and above for skill requirements.  My favorites are the bracelets which have plenty of twists in them!

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