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5 Glittery Christmas Ornament Tutorials Using Glitter Foam and Beads

I've often seen glitter foam boards in the dollar store. Never once did I imagine they could be turned into gorgeous glittery Christmas ornaments! I previously featured Ukrainian crafter, Lerita before.  She is marvelously creative!

Here are five of her glittery Christmas ornament tutorials featuring foam glitter board. As you can imagine lots of hot glue is involved.  

She also uses glitter ribbon and bead chain.  I am sure you can substitute for your own bead strands!

The first tutorial shown above is my favorite. The design is tapered and such a lovely change from the typical round ornament shape.  

Her second tutorial reminds me of the tops of fairground carousels!

Unusual to see the classic teardrop shape in Christmas ornaments as in this tutorial

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  1. wow, I've always looked at glitter foam as a "kids thing", these are stunning! thanks for sharing.

  2. I haven't had the chance to try foam yet but it looks incredibly versatile. These are very beautiful!

  3. Extremely clever. The first tutorial is well presented making it easy to understand how it is done.


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