Remember the Tennessee based but Indonesian bone supplier, BoneAddictI featured that remarkable store before. Lucky for us, there is also a gemstone cabochon sister shop called CabAddict. It's well named because there is a HUGE number of cabochons to choose from.

Some are really unusual like the teardrop cabochon shown above. It is a "Colorful Drusy Gemstone Agate Rainbow Gemstone with Botryoidal Sphere Mineral Inclusions Bubbles."

The scenic quartzes are also interesting as they look like miniature landscapes, some better than others.  There are also tourmaline cabochons as well as faceted amethyst ones.  One unusual group consists of amethyst flower stalactite slices (last one below).  These are harvested from caves where columns of calcite along with amethyst have slowly grown with drop by drop of mineral rich water. 

My absolute favorites are the fossilized coral cabochons as well as those made from maligano jasper which is a unique brecciated jasper from Indonesia. 

Drool worthy!


Fossilized Wood Root 

Blue Opal Stone

Blue Paraiba Quartz

Faceted Amethyst

Quartz Lodolite

Green Moss Agate

Fossil Coral 

Maligano Jasper

Moss Plume Agate

Amethyst Flower Stalactite

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