Multi-strand twisted wire bangles and necklaces in the Celtic style are called torcs.  You can see my past post - Watch this Curator Explain How Iron Age Celtic Torcs Were Made and Worn.

Want to learn how to make a bangle?  Check out this awesome metal and wire work tutorial by metalsmith Suzanne Angle of Flatwareable Artisan Jewelry (specialty tool and suppliers for flatware jewelry makers). 

She demonstrates how to make a 12 strand twisted wire bangle using 18 G and 14 G copper wire. She has a super tip on how to make and use a special acrylic template to hold all those strands of wire and keep them organized while twisting. An alternative and quicker way to make the template is to laser cut it.

Some of the strands consist of pretwisted 18 G wire. She uses a power drill to make quick work of twisting the wire together. But the final twisting with the template is done entirely by hand. 

Torch work is necessary to anneal (soften) such a thick wire bundle. I really like how she constructed the end caps. These are jump rings soldered closed and together. Domed metal discs are cut and soldered to the ends. The end result is just gorgeous!

You can also follow her Youtube channel for other metal work tips and tutorials.  Flatwearable Artisan Jewelry is also on Facebook

H/T to Aims (BigBlueBarnDesigns) for this find!

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