Back when I was practicing how to make single bead wire rings using a ring mandrel, I thought I had stumbled upon something new. I omitted the bead and twisted the two wire ends together round and round until a rosette ring was formed.

Hah!  I soon realized that it wasn't unusual or original!  Play around with wire that way and sooner or later, most of us will do that.

However, Spanish wire worker, El Taller De Bellanoche, shared a refreshingly new approach with her twisted wire ring tutorial.  After wrapping wire around the core wire, she uses the ends of both wire lengths to string on the bead. She twists both wires as she wound them round the ring.  The thick wire she uses was stiff and meant she could do without a mandrel. 

She used long enough wire so that the twisting wires appear neatly stacked. Other twisted wire rosettes tend to be more informally wrapped.

She uses 18 G wire and an 8 mm round bead.  This gauge wire might be more difficult for beginners to work with, so drop down to 20 G when you are practicing. But then again, the thicker wire makes the designs stand out more.

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