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Gorgeous Stained Glass Jewelry and Home Decor by ArtBrothersGlass

Eugene Koksharov and Anna Dobrunova of Vladivostok, Russia say they can "create stained glass pictures and jewelry of any complexity and subject matter." Their studio shop, ArtBrothersGlass, proves it! 

Their jewelry designs include earrings, brooches and necklaces featuring various creatures both real and mythical and some adorable kawaii ones. They even offer hand painted glass designs based on customer pet photos!   

Also stunning are their home decor items. I love their monstera leaf and koi fish suncatchers. Also noteworthy is the lily of the valley stained glass stand. 

They are not shy of producing larger works like the movie themed stained glass picture art.  

All their production materials come from the US and Germany. 

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  1. Stained glass is a truly amazing art. I've actually made two window hangings that measure 2' x 3'. What I learned is that it is not an art for the faint of heart. Now I limit my stained glass activities to admiring what other people have done. One of my favorite things about traveling the world is to tour churches with their beautiful stained glass creations. The Cologne, Germany, cathedral has some of the most beautiful windows I've ever seen. Fortunately, even though the cathedral was badly damaged by Nazi bombing in WWII, the windows were removed before the war and saved for posterity.

    1. I share your sentiment which is why I have not gone into that craft. Plus all those bits of glass on the floor! Like you I have always enjoyed seeing beautiful stained glass works especially in England. We have a rose window in our local Anglican church here.

  2. Oh Wow. What beautiful creations! That's talent!

    1. Totally. Stained glass windows are one thing but such small jewelry, WOW!

  3. So much talent! Love, love, love the whimsical cats!


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