Helena is a self-taught artist from Kingston, Ontario.  This designer's store is called hereandnowshop because she truly believes in living in the here and now. 

Helena, in an Etsy Featured Shop article, described her terrarium inspired jewelry as "a mix of cold industrial and warm natural materials. It stands for minimalism and origami-like geometric shapes."

I really love how she adds pressed real botanical specimens to her glass and metal pieces. Some are sandwiched between glass layers while others are enclosed within a 3D structure like the greenhouse pendant shown above.  One design also allows wearers to add their own plant cuttings to the pendant. 

Helena also cleverly uses her technique to construct designs which are reminiscent of paper airplanes and boats. The latter idea is expressed as a unique paper boat shaped desk decor item! 

She explains how she plays with glass : "The glass-working process is fairly complex – it’s one of those things that teaches you patience (which I sometimes lack!). The first step is to cut the glass and grind it to the perfect shape. Next, I wrap the pieces of glass in copper foil and solder them together. After that, it’s time to apply the patina and polish. Depending on the piece and the desired finish, I might have to skip, repeat, or rearrange some of the steps."

See more of Helena's designs on Instagram

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