UK based Fiona Abel-Smith of PolyOriginals is an award winning polymer clay artist and instructor. I raved about her in this past feature

This recent polymer clay tutorial on her Youtube channel shows us how she creates her Christmas baubles using polymer clay sections and embellishes them with a bit of paint and glitter.  The final effect is so lovely. 

Fiona lists all the supplies in the info part of the videos.  She actually uses biodegradable glitter - a good thing because the regular stuff is just bits of tiny plastic which isn't good for the environment or the food chain if it is flushed down the drain.  As most of us are on the opposite side of the pond from Fiona,  I have found there are alternative North American based suppliers of biodegradable glitter.  

She also has another design tutorial shown here. This one has a spiral style. 

H/T to Aims of BigBlueBarnDesigns for this find.

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