German designer Mero of MeroLugaa like many of us, is a lifetime crafter.  She said, "I'm an addicted knitter (hand and machine), crocheter, seamstress and beader. I am located in Germany but I enjoy connecting with other people around the world who share the same passion."

She is not only a multi-disciplinary crafter, what she does do is extremely good as you can see.  She clearly loves challenges. I first stumbled upon her work through her clever and original use of beaded tetrahedrons.  No one else has created zippered beaded and lined pouches

As you can see, she has created many designs. Shown here are some of my favorites. 

Mero explained, "I started beading in 2016, after stumbling upon Gerlinde Lenz’s Facebook group “Peyote with a twist – not crochet”. I had tried to bead crochet before without much success so I was really excited to find another method to create beaded ropes that look exactly like crocheted ropes but are far easier to make. I fell in love with this new technique and soon started to design my own patterns because that's always a major part of the fun for me."

Her PWAT tutorials and patterns take the work out of figuring everything out!  Again, here are my favorites.  She clearly has her creative mind in full throttle because she also designs wonderful peyote bracelets and pen covers! I am sure she will continue to add to her collection in the future. 

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