The beading community is simply awesome especially if there is a challenge like PWAT - Peyote with a Twist - which is a peyote tube which resembles bead crochet. The problem people have is trying to convert a bead crochet chart to something doable with peyote stitching.

I know how much beaders are so kind and helpful because I received an email from Florida-based Gail Tanner. She wrote, "I’m sorry to say that I don’t follow any blogs, but yours has come up several times as I pursued learning to draft PWAT patterns from peyote, patterns, crocheted beadwork patterns, and loomwork patterns. I have actually found a system that works for me, although I have not tested it enough to claim that it is infallible. Are you looking for additional ideas about methods for doing this? If so, let me know and I can write up a couple of paragraphs about it. Hint: It involves using a computer!"

You know what my answer would be!  Gail so generously took time to write down how she did it. This despite the fact that she works full time and has a lengthy commute to boot.  She even created a PDF which you can download here.

Shown below is the first page of her instructions. Gail said, "The first part of the document is probably clearest. The middle part is mainly diagrams and captions, and the latter part shows some of my work and other patterns I am working on."

Most of you wouldn't have Adobe Illustrator to make a grid as she suggested. A good alternative is Inkscape which is a free drawing program.  Here is the tutorial on how to draw a grid in Inkscape :

I haven't really tried PWAT myself but I know some of you have. So please have a look at Gail's PDF and let us know in the comments if you found her way useful.

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