Remember my post about the new and popular Peyote With A Twist (PWAT) technique?  It is a brilliant way to make a beaded rope without having to do crochet work.  Can a beaded crochet rope pattern be used for PWAT, asked reader Wayne Wiley?  Probably. But the only way to know is to actually try it.

Wayne  rose to the challenge and tested out the possibility. For his experiment, he used a pattern from here.   It is a rather complicated pattern to choose but as he said, "..but where's the fun in that?"

He then used the Bead 4 Tool (see post : Review Guide to Beading Software) to adapt the pattern for PWAT. As you can see, the slant of his pattern is shallower.

He did 180 rows. Wayne graciously shared his pattern (click images to see larger) :

The result wasn't quite what he expected. The black and white flowers did not spiral as with the original pattern. But they formed a near horizontal band as you can see from the final test rope picture below.

He added, "There were some interesting occurrences during the beading such as the last bead of the odd numbered rows was already in the edge of the twist. This created a strange way to make the turn and go back up the beading edge. You had to "pretend" that you were adding the last bead by passing the needle through the bead on the edge. Then the thread had to go down through the bead on the next row to the left of the bead you just went through. Then pass it up through the bead immediately to the right of the previous bead. Then pass the needle back through the bead on the edge and then do the even numbered row just as the pattern showed it."

First Twist
First Step Turn

Second Step Turn

Third Step Turn

Fourth Step Turn

Final Test Rope
The verdict?  It can be done.  The results may not be what you expected, depending on the pattern. Wayne does not think it is worth the trouble and I would tend to agree with him.

Best to develop your own PWAT pattern.  I hope other talented bead artists will share PWAT patterns in the future!

Thanks so much for doing this Wayne!  I am glad you had fun doing the challenge.

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