Bead crochet is tricky to do.  So I am not surprised if people struggle with and give up.  However, thanks to German beader, Gerlinde Lenz, there is another way. She too had trouble with bead crochet. So being innovative, she came up with a new way of beadweaving - peyote with a twist (PWAT) for short. Her utterly clever technique means you can get the look of bead crochet ropes by simply using peyote stitch.

Gerlinde has graciously shared her new stitch and allowed others to teach the stitch. Check out Jill Wiseman's PWAT basics video and see how much fun this stitch is!  At the beginning she goes over the different ways you can use peyote to make tubes and explained the pros and cons of each.

If you are having trouble reading a PWAT pattern, check out Lizelle Hards' video instructions.

If you want to do a double seam PWAT, see this tutorial by Edwin Batres of ACL Patterns and More.

One question, reader Wayne Wiley wanted to know if bead crochet patterns can be used for PWAT.  Note that the beads in bead crochet are in a straight line but PWAT, the beads are diagonally placed.

So I gave him a cautious answer - the diagonally patterned bead crochet ones could be adapted but width of the work and where the crossover point for PWAT will have to be determined.  My reference was this book, Bead Crochet Basics, which I reviewed before. Wayne is going to experiment and I hope to be able share his photos at a later date. (No pressure, Wayne!)

Gerlinde Lenz is truly inventive. She also developed another new stitch called Diamond Weave. Check out her book Diamond Weave : A Complete Guide to Mastering the Bead World's Newest Stitch.

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