Metalsmiths who specialize in metal stamping all have their distinct styles.  Californian Karey of YourGalOnJewelStreet is an outstanding example of delivering unique and appealing designs.  Like many metal stampers, she does offer personalization. 

But what drew me to her work were her wax seal metal clay designs which she fires in her kiln.  These are distinctive as the wax seal creates raised elements.  She sometimes stamps these designs. 

Also of note are her designs which honor the heroes among us. Those who do not wear capes - these are the frontline healthcare workers who risk their lives to save those stricken in our current pandemic.   

Karey says she spends her days smashing metal with a hammer and considers herself blessed.  She adds, "No more long nails, shopping excursions, or extensive lollygagging. I wouldn't have it any other way!"

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