Don't you just love the look of patina on copper?  I've featured some suppliers before like TerraTreecom who provide ready made verdigris metal components.   But you can do it yourself!

Check out TheCrafsmanSteadyCraftin's great tutorial and demonstration on how he used 5 different "recipes" to get the effects you see in the picture above. He is a wonderful crafts instructor with the most soothing voice for his many varied videos

He uses some of the classic techniques involving ammonia, vinegar, salt and liver of sulfur. I was also intrigued with his peanut oil (with a sprinkling of Creole dressing mix!) and fake patina methods. 

Ammonia and liver of sulfur have to used in properly ventilated areas.  Use household ammonia with caution as it is an irritant and is corrosive. Also store ammonia carefully and do NOT ever mix it with bleach - that combination releases a toxic gas. 

I am personally not fond of using ammonia (even though it does create some lovely blues) and I have learned to avoid using liver of sulfur and its stench of rotting eggs.  See my first tutorial link below where I use another alternative which has no odor!

He mentions two sealants you can use to protect the patina.  Renaissance wax is likely the microcrystalline wax he suggests. 

Support SteadyCraftin through his Etsy store or through his Patreon so he continues sharing wonderful videos!

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