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Way back in 2015, I posted a poll to find out what people thought about using ball chain. Does it cheapen the look of handmade jewelry?

About 58% of respondents did not like it as they reminded them of their military and utilitarian use. 10 % were indifferent, while almost 32% thought they look fine. 

I agree with some that using it depends on the design. In that poll post, I showed my resin pendant design using two different chains - curb and ball. For this particular piece, I thought the ball chain looked better. Ball chains are also arguably more comfortable with no edges to them. 

One comment was, "Of course, if your jewelry is based on the dog tag shape then ball chain is perfect." That is certainly the case with Kellie's Bead Boutique's tag pendant project kit

I also wanted to feature her accompanying tutorial which shows a very neat way of adding a regular lobster clasp to the chain.  Clever use of side opening bead tips! I have never seen this type before. 

Perhaps avoiding the typical closure of ball chain enhances its looks?  Although I must add that using the regular ball chain closure makes a long necklace claspless.  

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  1. Pearl, thank you so much for sharing this video. I love Kellie's channel, and this is so timely, since I just bought a roll of ball chain yesterday!

    1. Thrilled that my post was timely for you! Yes, I too adore Kellie's channel.

    2. I would never have thought of adding a clasp like this on ball chain. This gives ball chain a more professional look as compared to the typical response I usually get. Like - I have to put this over my head - or - this chain looks like it belongs in a toilet tank.

      There's a lot of women who have trouble putting their hands behind their head so being able to slip the chain around their neck and do it up front with a clasp is definitely a bonus.

    3. I certainly think a clasp is redundant if the necklace is long enough to go over the head!

  2. I've learned some neat tips from Kellie's videos, love watching them!


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