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Gorgeous Real Flower Resin Art Blocks and Accessories by Rejoiceandblossom

I've done small scale real flower resin jewelry before. But the work of US based Darien Hoffmann of Rejoiceandblossom just blew my mind!  This busy mother of 2 takes the dried flower, leaves resin work to new heights.  

Much larger scale work with gorgeous art blocks, wall art, serving trays, coasters - even clutch purses and small table tops! The smallest items are those on the wonderful bangle style key chains.  Many of the beautiful compositions are custom orders.  One would imagine that wedding bouquets can be preserved in this way. 

Darien's popular Instagram is a feast for the eyes!  I highly recommend you visit to see not just her wonderful creations but how she makes them. The  short video clips which showcase how the big blooms and other botanicals are preserved with fine grain silica gel . The fine grains can get inside in between the petals for even drying. It's helpful to have color indicators in the crystals which tells you when they reach saturation and you need to dry them before reuse. 

A couple of the Instagram posts shows how the resin is added layer by layer.  Darien says the huge specialty molds she uses are the HDPE ones from getmoldi. Big blooms requires correspondingly large molds which are deep enough.  Like smaller pieces, sanding is required to smooth edges down before a final coat of resin is added to get a clear finish.

These are truly works of art!

H/T to Aims of BigBlueBarnDesigns 

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  1. Wow, just wow. I'm glad someone is using real size flowers. Finding the small type is so hard.

    1. But small means less resin! I have to say her work with large flowers is spectacular!

  2. I couldn't believe the size of these pieces when I first came across them and sent them to you - knowing you had done the smaller ones - I knew you'd be gobsmacked with these! And look at all else she does! I love that sidetable.
    I can see these made into tops for stools - can you imagine? Imagine them as stools at a breakfast bar that's located in a corner with big windows looking out at the exact flowers she's put into them....

    Gorgeous gorgeous work!

    1. Her work is not only gorgeous but the home decor possibilities like table tops are wonderful. Thanks for the find!

  3. breathtaking! i'd love to make large pieces like that! love to be able to afford to make large pieces like that!

  4. The big flowers' decorations are really stunning! She has mastered the art to perfection! The stool is precious, too!

  5. It is so inspiring to see the talent and imagination of fellow artists! Words are hard to find to say how much I love these incredible works of art. I am a newbie to resin work, but plan to expand my knowledge and hope to aspire to these heights someday. Glorious!


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