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Easy Stamped Metal Heart Ornament Tutorial

Christmas will always be a poignant time for my friend Sonya, a metalsmith, of rocpoet_. This will be her family's second Christmas without her beloved father.  Unfortunately for many families, the pandemic will also mean a difficult first Christmas without lost loved ones. 

Sonya has graciously allowed me to share her easy stamped metal heart ornament tutorial, complete with her stickers! Her original tutorial first appeared on her Facebook page. The project is made from bracelet blanks

She has made a number of heart ornaments of other people.  The Christmas ones clearly have the seasonal charms. Sonya has also made non-Christmas ornaments like the gift for a grandmother (last design below) which has birthstone colored crystals. 

The one design which moved me most - shown above - was the one which she stamped, "Kisses from Heaven."

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  1. Hearts are always a favorite. All special and different.

  2. I've looked at those slim bracelet blanks and wondered what else they could be used for... now I know!

  3. This is a wonderful tutorial for a beautiful project. Blackening the letters was something I never heard of. I have to go make a project right now to try it myself.


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